Sunday, August 12, 2012

Promenading along the tree lined shore

This morning I headed out to explore the Promenade and take photos of the shore. I couldn't resist and neither could all the tourists vying for space at the railings to take photos. Imagine living two blocks from NYC Bay. It's absolutely beautiful.

As I walk down Clark Street, I encounter interesting facades. Today I decide to just take one photo. The bas relief is really beautiful.

Then I continued on to the Promenade. It's actually the park I wrote about earlier this week that's part of the NYC Parks.

I took lots of photos of the skyline. First I focused on the various islands. As I said, I can see the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Governor's Island.
Here's a photo of all three. While the statue is hard to see, Governor's island is on the left. The foreground is the platform for a new park they are constructing in the bay.

  I also took photos of the skyline of lower Manhattan:

  Then I walked North to look at the Manhattan Bridge: 
Perhaps my favorite building is this one with the wavy walls. I wonder what it is?

 Last of all, I looked at the statuary in the park and came across this globe that tells the time except that it's in the shadows of wonderful trees.

I promised myself a walk in Cadman Plaza next week. I'll take more photos of those majestic court buildings.


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