Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Impressions

I arrived in Brooklyn on Sunday and immediately set off to explore this historic neighborhood. Settled in the 1600s, this area was British when New Amsterdam became New-York in 1664. There is an amazing mix of colonial buildings, eighteenth and nineteenth century dwellings and brownstones, and some modern twentieth century structures, block square apartment buildings and even a few skyscrapers.

This morning, Tuesday, I decided to find the water. Just two blocks away is the “Promenade” that overlooks lower Manhattan Island, providing a view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  (Imagine the skyline without the bicycles.) 

Here's a link to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade http://nyharborparks.org/visit/brhe.html

 The Promenade curves along the westernmost shore of Long Island and skirts 6 pocket parks that were once part of “Fort Sterling” according to the extensive plaque. Just image living in a brownstone where you see the water, the ships, and the NYC skyline while you eat breakfast or write on the computer. It would be much too distracting for me to be productive, but I guess the view could become passé after a while. 

Off to explore more of the sights and sounds.

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Robin said...

I love the promenade! Enjoy the view.