Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Break 2009

So the semester is over. It's been quite an amazing experience. First studying for exams, then passing not just all the written exams, but the oral as well. I am still in shock. But time to get out of the haze and start to focus on the last phase of this degree. So this winter break I have three objectives. 1) prepare for the spring semester, that's Genealogy & Local History but only in Kent this year. 2) review materials for the re-writing of my book on Disaster Response for ALA. It's due Dec 2010, so no fooling around. I really need to write a new book, but half a book will do. My goal is to research and write this spring. 3) start the research for my dissertation. I have to find primary sources; identify the type & scope of sources; question to answer; and the all important "why do we care" and "what does this add to the field". Not too much to do between now and the 19th of January.
Tomorrow - syllabus revision and some organizing of my stuff!
Pile the DR stuff in one box, Genealogy in another, RB is a third, Preservation in a 4th, history of libraries in a fifth and oh yes, all the rest in a 6th box. It's certain to be a mess but an organized mess.

Back to work :)

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